BPM and Process Automation at BES Group

The challenge
  • To support the bank in increasing its process efficiency through their BPM strategy.
  • To discover and implement an excess of 250+ processes across a range of departments, classes and business lines.

To drive the expected results, processes where initially lined up in one of three implementation tracks, considering a mix of business criticality, level of formalization and integration complexity.

The project was conducted using the iterative development model, where the initial process model was developed with the client, resorting to frequent playbacks to ensure accurate modeling, and then implemented iteratively, with short release cycles, over the scope of project length, adding new functionality at each run as the project was validated.

Project Description

Critical business processes were amongst the first to be developed, under the fully integrated track. At about the same time, SAFIRA started to create a technical foundation of common business services that enable business users to implement simpler processes autonomously. The same foundation enabled an additional level of agility in process discovery, on top of the already excellent foundation provided by IBM Business Process Manager (former TeamWorks) - the Generics.

Once it was completed, it enabled the serial production of a range of processes, named semi-integrated, by business users, with reduced support from the development teams.


Thanks to this approach, BES currently manages 400+ processes with unprecedented levels of efficiency and control. If quick wins are required, new processes can be deployed into production within 72h from starting the design, thanks to the Generics approach. Additionally, the bank is now running 20+ fully integrated business critical processes, drawing significant cost and speed gains over the previous implementations. Furthermore, there’s now a wealth of process performance data that can guide fact based process redesign and optimization.

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