Application Portfolio Management

MEGA’s application portfolio management solution helps you inventory, assess, and transform the applications that make up your information system, allowing you to:

  • Simplify and lower the cost of your application portfolio
  • Better manage risks and ensure information system compliance
  • Tailor your application portfolio to your business challenges

Today’s IT departments must tackle challenges on several fronts: rapidly deploy new applications and effectively support changing business needs, control the maintenance and service costs of all information system components, and rationalize the application portfolio and ensure its compliance with the latest regulations and standards.

MEGA’s application portfolio management (APM) solution starts by performing a thorough analysis of the various applications in use by your business units. It gives your IT department effective tools to continuously improve your application portfolio and make the right upgrade decisions in terms of cost, speed, performance, and risks. Workflows, a shared repository, and a collaborative workspace help stakeholders share information and knowledge, ensure full data traceability, and leverage existing standards, methods, and documentation.

Inventory phase: Collecting data and setting up an application repository

Data about your different applications are collected using a decentralized process, consolidated into a single repository, and used to generate a detailed application ID Card. A workflow automatically updates the data regularly based on questionnaires sent out across the organization. Reports and dashboards generated by our solution give you a simple, well-structured view of your application portfolio with the technology, data flows, life cycle, risks, costs, functional coverage, and business processes associated with each application.

Evaluation phase: Analyzing data and assessing the application portfolio

The data are grouped into application portfolios and sub-portfolios according to criteria like business benefits, costs, risks, and technical and operational performance, allowing for an in-depth analysis. Reports are then generated, letting you assess applications’ business value, technological performance, and costs; you can also use the solution’s comparative tables and graphs to assess the overall application portfolio. This makes it easy to identify redundant applications, the most business-critical applications, and the most costly applications in terms of functionality, technology, and business use. This type of assessment also helps determine priority areas for information system upgrades.

Transformation phase: Developing and comparing transformation scenarios

MEGA solution lets you take different perspectives and constraints into account, so you can better manage your application portfolio and make more informed decisions about upgrades. You can also test and compare different transformation scenarios using reports generated by the solution. This information can help you develop a targeted information system for your organization, while minimizing the change-related risks and costs.

MEGA secure, web-based application portfolio management solution is powered by HOPEX, its signature platform integrating all MEGA operational governance software. This means you get greater synergies and collaborative efforts among departments, as well as a clear, shared view of key information about your organization. HOPEX platform helps ensure that all stakeholders are working toward the same goals and supporting your organization’s operational governance strategy.

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