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As IBM Premier Business Partner for BPM | ODM | Mobile and a remarkable track record of success stories, several SAFIRA customers were invited to share their experience, achievements and lessons learned at Impact 2014 - IBM's largest event worldwide - that takes place in The Venetian, Las Vegas, from April 27th to May 1st.


Meet our customers 

Impact represents a unique opportunity to have peer-to-peer networking and learn how your peers are addressing similar challenges and adopting smarter process strategies to increase efficiency and profitability in their organizations. Get to know why and in what way they are using IBM technologies and SAFIRA services to innovate and boost their businesses. If you are interested please drop us an email to and let us know the best time for you during Impact.

Rui PalmaRui Palma
CSA - Portugal

Natalie SemmesNatalie Semmes

Piotr JagiełłoPiotr Jagiełło
Head of BPM
UMED - Poland

Carles MolinaCarles Molina
IT Director
HIPRA - Spain

Joan AmigóJoan Amigó
IT Process Manager
HIPRA - Spain

Shajhan AliShajhan Ali
Senior Manager

Hear our success stories 

Inspirational client use cases at the Smarter Process Track - focused on  the rise of the Customer-Activated enterprise and why it's vital to re-examine the way companies do business, including core processes and decision-making. Hear from our clients and learn about their experiences, challenges and successes across a broad range of industries and use cases.

SCU-1578: Claims Management with IBM Business Process Manager & IBM Operational Decision Manager
Tue Apr 29 ( 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. ) - Room Lido 3101 B
Speaker - Rui Palma, CIO, Companhia de Seguros Açoreana - Portugal
Açoreana SegurosAs the fifth largest Portuguese insurance company, the Companhia de Seguros Açoreana (CSA) offers its clients integrated and comprehensive life and non-life insurance offerings that meet its customers’ need for personal and property protection and monetization of financial assets via a range of savings and capitalization products. To increase claim management efficiency, grant faster response times, and improve exception handling of processes, CSA is transforming its core business from segment-based to process-centric using IBM Business Process Manager V8 and IBM Operational Decision Manager V8. This will enable the company to automate its claim processes across all insurance segments. By employing business events and decision management, the resulting smarter processes reduced the claim management costs, lowered the time from admission to funds release, and boosted outcomes for individual cases.

SCU-2045: Transformation Revolution with IBM Business Process Manager
Tue Apr 29 ( 3:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. ) - Room Lido 3101 B
Speaker - Natalie Semmes, Partner, KPMG - UK
KPMGToday nothing stands still. Transformation programs often lack the flexibility to respond to a changing business landscape. KPMG has built a patent-pending process factory using IBM Business Process Manager. The solution lets organizations quickly manufacture business processes, making continuous transformation achievable. Using KPMG’s solution, transformations can deliver a runtime process repository that can be connected together in a truly process-oriented architecture. This framework lets organizations stand on the shoulders of previous transformations. Business teams can then transform their organizations and processes iteratively, with minimal IT involvement. KPMG also helps companies speed time to market by significantly reducing delivery times (up to 90 percent) for business process automation. KPMG worked with a major UK bank to save £500m by shaping policy, improving quality of customer outcomes, and introducing automation and operational efficiencies for remediation.

SCU-2157: Improving Public Health: A BPM Story from Diagnosis to Clinical Treatment
Thu May 1 ( 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. ) - Room Lido 3103
Speaker - Piotr Jagiełło, Head of BPM Program, Medical University of Lodz - Poland
UMED Medical UniversityThe Medical University of Lodz (UMED), the leading medical Polish university with 10,000 students, set off to transform its operational model in the areas of education, research, and clinical treatment by applying IBM Business Process Manager V8 technology across a structure of 50 departments and 4 hospitals. The project started with the implementation of 150 processes made available to 1,500 process users through portal and mobile devices. Designed for production in less than 12 months, this implementation helps UMED improve the student recruitment processes by 50 percent, manage European compliance standards for quality, gain more visibility and control over financial spending, and manage alumni relations. UMED plans to extend IBM Business Process Manager through IBM Operational Decision Manager V8. This will enable it to shift from operational to applied technology to improve and optimize 300 life-saving processes in the areas of R&D, public health, and clinical treatment.

SCU-2601: Critical Pharmaceutical Safety Procedures Down from Months to Just Three Days
Wed Apr 30 ( 3:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. ) - Room Delfino 4001 A
Speakers - Carles Molina, IT Director, Laboratorios HIPRA S.A. - Spain; and Marcelo Fernandes, Manager, SAFIRA
HIPRA The reference in prevention for animal healthSee how HIPRA’s vision to be the world’s most trusted brand for animal disease prevention has put it at the forefront of the technology wave. In addition to being among the first to use specific IBM technology, the organization has integrated IBM Business Process Manager, IBM Operational Decision Manager, and IBM Worklight in novel ways. In this session, learn what’s possible when integrating IBM Business Process Manager with mobile. This has enabled HIPRA to improve vaccine safety procedure. If batches become contaminated, it is critical to isolate them and quickly establish which vaccines need to be destroyed. This used to take months. Now it takes three days.

MCU-2666: Don’t Bend It, Extend It - A Best Practice Use of SAP
Wed Apr 30 ( 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. ) - Room Lido 3005
Speakers - Joan Amigó, IT Process Manager, Laboratorios HIPRA S.A. - Spain; and José Neves, Manager, SAFIRA
HIPRA The reference in prevention for animal healthSAP is one of the most widely adopted enterprise resource planning tools on the planet. The vital data contained within it literally makes the business world go round. But, as businesses evolve, how they use this information to enrich other systems and extend the value of their data beyond SAP? Learn how HIPRA, a world-renowned veterinary pharmaceutical company, gave its teams critical access to SAP PM while on the move via tablet devices. Rather than bend a process to fit SAP, they used IBM Worklight and IBM Business Process Manager to leverage it and deliver a better user experience. In doing so, HIPRA cut work order days by 36 percent on the plant floor.

SCU-3395: Smarter Process in Action - Build & Change an IBM Business Process Manager Process Live with KPMG
Wed Apr 30 ( 2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. ) - Room Marcello 4503
Speakers - Shajhan Ali, Senior Manager, and Natalie Semmes, Partner, KPMG - UK
KPMGThis workshop shows in real-time how business analysts can build and change running IBM Business Process Manager processes quickly and seamlessly. KPMG has built a unique patent pending accelerator that runs on IBM Business Process Manager that empowers a business to build, visualize, and deploy sophisticated IBM Business Process Manager processes. See how to change a process runtime using Excel and Visio tools, without the need for a developer. See how easy it becomes to manage communications, data, and MI holistically throughout processes. Learn how inline quality control is possible using Visio and Excel. See how to manage process change simply using Change Cockpit. KPMG has reduced the delivery cycle down to as little as three weeks and reduced the cost of delivery and change by more than 50 percent, making continuous transformation a reality for its clients.

SAFIRA was also invited to participate as a panelist in this session. Hope you can attend and join us!

BDL-1378: New Systems Meet New Business Challenges: Turn Data into Insight to Make More Accurate Decisions
Mon Apr 28 ( 5:15 p.m. – 6:15 p.m. ) - Room Palazzo I
Panelists - Pedro Penedo, Partner, SAFIRA; Natalie Semmes, Partner, KPMG;  Zinette Ezra, Nice Systems; James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions; and Francis Friedlander, IBM
SAFIRAInteractive systems, mobile devices, and social networks generate more data every day - and this is not going to stop. Making sense of this astronomic amount of unstructured data to identify risks and opportunities, and making the right decisions to address these is going to be an essential business differentiator. Traditional systems cannot cope with such complexity. Neither can big data, analytics, and operational decision management when used individually. But when combined, these technologies can lead to new systems that meet these challenges and enable unforeseen capabilities. In the first part of this session, experts utilize a use case and technological perspective to show how big data, analytics, and operational decision are combined to make sense of the millions of interactions that happen across channels and take customer specific actions. Then a panel of thought leaders share their visions and approaches to building these next-generation systems.

Meet our experts 

Are you concerned about a stalled BPM project? Are you facing ODM challenges difficult to overcome? Haven't you been able to extend your process applications into mobile devices? Let's talk about it! We have one-to-one slots available during the event where we can brainstorm and have an informal, down-to-earth conversation and you can get answers to some of the issues you are dealing as well as take away insights to share with your team. If you are interested please drop us an email to and let us know the best time for you during Impact.

Alexandre CorreiaAlexandre Correia LinkedIn Alexandre Correia

Bartlomiej AntczakBartlomiej Antczak LinkedIn Bartlomiej Antczak

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Associate Manager

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Business Manager

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Ricardo EstêvãoRicardo Estêvão LinkedIn Ricardo Estêvão
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