A software factory inside your company.

Quartz is a software development framework and methodology that combines prototyping, normalization, visual application modeling and automation of development tasks.  Quartz allows IT departments to implement an efficient software factory that is able to produce risk-free and high quality scalable enterprise applications with a significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


The need for Quartz

Software projects, as currently practiced, are slow, expensive and error prone, often yielding products with many defects, causing serious problems of usability, reliability, performance, security and other qualities of service.

According to The Standish Group, only 16 percent of projects finish on schedule and within budget. Another 31 percent are cancelled, mainly due to quality problems. Another 53 percent exceed their budgets by an average of 189 percent, for losses. Projects reaching completion deliver an average of only 42 percent of the originally planned features.

These numbers confirm objectively what we already know by experience. Software development is labor intensive and consumes more than the value it produces. This is something we should not expect from a modern industry.

Quartz Factory

For Quartz is a result of an industrial approach on software development process.  Like a car factory assembly line, Quartz gives necessary tools and processes to build complex enterprise applications on time and on budget.

Quartz framework encapsulates years of specialists' knowledge as reusable assets that newcomers can apply. Each of the project participants doesn't have to be an expert to give his own single - but essential - contribution to the main goal. After all jobs are performed, Quartz guarantees that the final product will be a top quality, high performance and reliable software application.

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