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On top of a professional, motivated, trained and certified team, we’ve been implementing world-class reference BPM projects at our clients for 10+ years, being one company providing both expert development and consulting services.

Emirates National Bank of DubaiTo sustain premier customer experience, Emirates NBD, the leading banking group in the UAE and one of the largest in the Middle East, set off to empower its 100-branch network to fully manage new customer onboarding in global record-breaking time. Through the implementation of an IBM BPM/ODM-based solution, the bank redesigned its walk-in account opening process to electronically read/input 70% of the customer required data to initiate the process, handle the subsequent steps with 90% fewer user screens, and ultimately provide a ready-to-use current account to a new customer in half the time top-quartile retail banks worldwide need - ten minutes.

Country - UAE | Industry - Banking | Products - Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager, Smarter Process-IBM Operational Decision Manager Family

Millennium AngolaForeign exchange operations account for more than 75% of Angolan banks' operating results, and are subject to tight control by the Angolan regulators; among other challenges like low access levels to banking services by the population and communication problems between branches. At Bank Millennium Angola this process was done manually and was very time-consuming. The increasing number of branches and customers was turning management into chaos. The bank deployed agileFOREX, built on top of IBM BPM, to 750 employees at 85 branches. Since the rollout, the duration of the foreign exchange process has been decreasing each month by 20% on average. Early results show a dramatic efficiency increase compared to the same period last year.


Country - Angola | Industry - Banking | Products - Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager

Grupo bancario Credito ValtellineseNot all the processes of a company receive the same attention from the IT department. There are well-known processes, complex, articulated, highly integrated with the core business. For these, IT already provides efficient infrastructure. But these processes, although highly visible and frequently core to the business, are numerically a minority when compared to the entire process ecosystem within a competitive organization. The company is made up of many other processes based on emails and phone calls, for which it would be unthinkable to develop traditional IT solutions. These are the invisible processes. Bankadati  solved this dilemma in a month with IBM Business Process Manager and Operational Decision Manager. It has already automated 2000 different banking processes and accelerated business process improvement by 90%.

Case study:

To improve agility and responsiveness, Creval Sistemi e Servizi wanted to decouple its slower core banking applications from its rapidly changing requirements for speed and innovation. Creval Sistemi e Servizi created an enterprise service bus (ESB) using IBM Integration Bus software and automated its processes with IBM business process management software. Read more >



Country - Italy | Industry - Banking | Products - Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager, Smarter Process-IBM Operational Decision Manager Family

ASEA-Kassen for Selvstændige (ASE) is a 100 percent member-owned unemployment insurance fund that aims to create value and economic security for members. To differentiate itself in a highly competitive marketplace, ASE wanted to improve its responsiveness and agility by replacing its aging software platform. With IBM software and SAFIRA services, ASE created a new onboarding process for customers that improved new sales retention by 12 percent and increased customer satisfaction levels.
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Country - Denmark | Industry - Insurance | Products - IBM Mobile Application Platform, IBM Operational Decision Manager Application

The Global Fund The IBM BPM solution for The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria went live in 2011. Since then, it helps TGF to put money to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria where needed. It enables TGF to get the money disbursement cycle from around one month to a matter of single days. It means that SAFIRA can help save human lives with the use of technology!

Country - Switzerland | Industry - NGO | Products - Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager

Case Study:

Wasting time with disjointed, poorly documented grant evaluation processes, the institution wanted to put in place a new strategy that would enable it to more quickly identify successful projects - The organization deployed IBM® Blueworks Live and IBM Business Process Manager software to map out its existing policies and develop automated workflows to oversee evaluation efforts. Read more >

Control RisksKidnap, piracy and extortion are all in a day's work for Control Risks. They help organizations manage complex political and security threats in areas of instability and can deploy consultants anywhere in the world, 24/7. The geographical distribution presented challenges on the central management of worldwide operations. Process unification and standardization was key to centralize the management of operations and enhance the overall process efficiency, visibility and control. Control Risks is using IBM Cast Iron to easily integrate IBM BPM with Microsoft's Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM, achieving high levels of automation and integration, increasing business agility. And SAFIRA is helping making their missions, possible.


Country - UK | Industry - Services | Products - Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager; Connectivity and Integration-IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration

Case Study:

Building more robust processes and better data governance with a suite of IBM software - By combining business process management, integration and master data management tools, Control Risks Group built automated processes for managing trial subscriptions, new sales and renewals. Read more >

KPMGSAFIRA is working on supporting critical processes for KPMG’s clients on the financial market where time is literally money and on enhancing the next generation BPM-O (BPM-Optimizer) platform with an innovative and forward-thinking approach enabling to create new business processes 80 percent faster and offering the ability to Go Live in just one week without involving developers.

Country - UK | Industry - Services/Banking | Products - Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager

Case Study:

The BPM-O story: creating opportunities for KPMG with IBM Business Process Manager - KPMG selected IBM Business Process Manager and enhanced it by developing an optimizer application. This combined “BPM-O” solution improves speed to market for both solutions and change. Business analysts can harness their subject-matter expertise, and create new business processes 80 percent faster with BPM-O than they could with a more traditional BPM programmer skillset. Read more >

HIPRA The reference in prevention for animal healthAnimal health leader HIPRA is extending its mobile strategy to the cloud, to provide extra value for customers. HIPRA started by deploying MobileFirst to organize and control mobile apps and support the daily activities of employees. Efficiency was increased by 30% just by enabling workers to do their daily activities on mobile devices. HIPRA is now taking the next big step, adding cloud to the equation to provide extra services to their global network of customers, sales representatives and employees in 25 countries. At the heart of this strategy are IBM solutions, with MobileFirst and SoftLayer for the global support of mobile applications and also IBM Integration Bus for the connectivity with line of business systems.

HIPRA is also using IBM Operational Decision Manager to externalize business rules and decisions from SAP, making them more explicit and fully automated on SAP-related processes, ensuring a more streamlined business. Currently, as the business evolves and new needs and products arise, it requires fewer changes in SAP, which has a direct impact on cost reduction and accelerates time-to-market. In this session, you will learn from HIPRA how to “detect” and “decide” with agility using ODM and “act” with flexibility through processes with IBM Business Process Manager and IBM MobileFirst Protect.

Country - Spain | Industry - Pharmaceutical | Products - IBM MobileFirst-IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices; IBM MobileFirst-IBM Worklight Family; Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager; Smarter Process-IBM Operational Decision Manager Family; SoftLayer

Case Study:

HIPRA reduces time for issue resolution from months to days - A suite of IBM WebSphere software improves process efficiency and increases collaboration. Read more >



BANIFServing 1.4 million customers from 17 countries in 4 continents, BANIF is the 8th largest Portuguese financial group, the long-lasting market leader in the regions of Madeira/Azores and a reference to the Portuguese communities abroad. The Bank increased its competitiveness, enhanced its customer-level intelligence and optimized cross-selling by moving from product to customer-centric underwriting. Their new IBM BPM V8-based automated process features multi-product custom credit quotes, a role-based process view and a holistic customer analysis that have enabled higher conversion ratios, maximized customer current profitability and increased customer lifetime value. IBM BPM V8 and ODM V8 helped 1600 users manage around 33000+ process instances/year, delivering performance at lower operational risk in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Country - Portugal | Industry - Banking | Products - Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager; Smarter Process-IBM Operational Decision Manager Family

Açoreana SegurosTo grow profitably through improved underwriting ratios, the fifth largest Portuguese player in Property & Casualty Insurance, Açoreana Seguros, reinvented its Claims Management to address the key cost points of most insurers: fraud, process and procurement. By unifying its claims handling process via a BPM-based solution, powered with IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) rules and IBM WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) to interact with multiple external channels, Açoreana Seguros can now handle a claim across all lines of business at up to 80% of its former unit cost, saving up to 15% in claim incurred losses and benefiting from a 2% increase in reserves available.

Country - Portugal | Industry - Insurance | Products - Connectivity and Integration-IBM WebSphere Message Broker Family; Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager; Smarter Process-IBM Operational Decision Manager Family

Vieira de Almeida AdvogadosVieira de Almeida is an independent Portuguese law firm, a SMB with a headcount of over 150 lawyers, including 20 partners, each one dedicated exclusively to the various areas of corporate law. To handle the complexity and uncertainty of the judicial processes, reduce the risk of loss and leveraging control and profitability of lawyers, VdA, decided to automate the whole judicial process flow using an IBM BPM V8.5 solution enabling all the participants to work on a common platform and standardize operational practices. VdA presents a complex structure with an average of 200 daily processes and 200 target users. By using a process-centric approach in their core business, the organization gained a complete insight of the whole judicial processes lifecycle, attaining continuous tracking of business information to support the decision management, leading to increased quality levels of services.


Country - Portugal | Industry - Services | Products - Smarter Process-IBM Blueworks Live; Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager Express

UMED Medical UniversityThe Medical University of Lodz (UMED), the leading medical Polish university with 10000 students, while becoming a strong innovative center in Europe, set off to transform its operational model in the scope of education, research & clinical treatment by applying BPM V8 technology across a structure of 50 departments and 4 hospitals. The project started with the implementation of 150 processes made available to 1500 process users through portal and mobile devices, all designed for production in less than 12 months to improve by 50% the student recruitment processes, manage European compliance standards for quality (Eg. Bologna reform), gain more visibility, control over financial spending and manage alumni relations. UMED plans to extend BPM through ODM V8 to shift from operational to applied technology to improve and optimize 300 life-saving processes in the area of R&D, public health and clinical treatment.

Country - Poland | Industry - Education | Products - Smarter Process-IBM Blueworks Live; Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager Advanced

TU Europa GroupTUE’s success stems from a unique ability to reply fast to complex corporate insurance requirements from their customers. Flexibility without automated processes comes at a cost - expensive professionals. Having seized double–digit growth for the past years, TUE realized that they would either throw more (expensive) people at their processes and deal with the overweight later or prepare for growth by streamlining their operational efficiency. After 1 year of BPM journey, TUE developed a paperless office that processed over 100 thousand documents. Benefits came not only from bringing down office materials costs but also from a more effective documents management. With IBM BPM-based solution TUE leverages from both BPM & DMS class systems. BPM is used by life & non-life insurance entities inside TUE: around 200 people in 30 departments deliver ideas to maximize the value of their process-oriented approach.

Country - Poland | Industry - Insurance | Products - Smarter Process-IBM Business Process Manager Standard

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