BPM Ad-hoc Framework

Fully integrated with IBM BPM, SAFIRA’s BPM Ad-hoc Framework allows business users to attain control and visibility over the most simple, but time-consuming processes in the organization. These ‘unstructured’ or ‘Ad-hoc’ processes can represent up to 75% of the organization total number of processes and take up to 60% of the overall working time. With SAFIRA’s BPM Ad-hoc Framework, you can dramatically accelerate the implementation of BPM projects, democratize and streamline its general use, empower business users and quickly prove tangible efficiencies. 

Business Challenge and Motivation

Although many companies have already adopted state-of-the-art BPM systems to automate complex and fully integrated business processes, they have a common blind spot: unstructured processes. Business users spend up to 60% of their time reacting to unplanned and unstructured requests, deciding by themselves what to do, when to do it and who to route work and information (documents or spreadsheets).

These kind of processes become a blind spot for the organization as all of this happens by phone or email in an invisible and untraceable manner, increasing risk and derailing costs.

Business often relies on IT to automate and deploy process applications, but normally the IT department is mostly focused on implementing complex and fully-integrated processes, allocating its full capacity and resources to this task and not addressing these simpler and unstructured processes.

Solution Highlights

SAFIRA BPM Ad-hoc FrameworkThe BPM Ad-hoc Framework is a SAFIRA solution that enables business users to configure, deploy, automate and monitor unstructured processes in a matter of minutes. All of this with total independence from IT, using a friendly and intuitive user interface.

Additionally the tool comes with several out-of-the-box performance and monitoring dashboards which not only allow access to real-time information on how the processes are performing but also improve visibility and control.

Main Components, Tools and Benefits
  • Authoring and Configuration: a utility designed to be easily used by a business user to configure and deploy an Ad-hoc process in a matter of minutes. It includes drag & drop dynamic forms, SLA Management and integration with document management systems.
  • Process Search and Monitoring: a search engine for the existing process instances to view the details of each instance to execute or re-assign tasks.
  • Performance Dashboards for Real-Time Monitoring: a set of dashboards that enables business people to monitor, measure and control key activities and processes with real-time information.
  • Discovery & Process Improvement Analytics: a tool to perform process discovery using real process information for continuous process improvement. This feature allows business owners to understand how their organization behaves, where is the “happy path” of the process, its deviations and possible outliers.
  • Administrative Console: Technical support console that enables support and deployment teams to easily perform some of the more frequently required operational tasks.
SAFIRA BPM Ad-hoc Framework

Software Architecture

The Ad-hoc Process Framework sits on top of the IBM BPM run-time environment and is fully integrated with IBM BPM Process portal. After the BPM Ad-hoc Framework is installed and running in a production environment, it takes only a few minutes for a business user to create a new process and have it ready to be used by other members of the organization.

Software Architecture

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