PaperLesS Express

The fastest way to shift from managing documents to managing business.

  • If you recognize that digitizing all your documents is only the first step in the successful transition to a paperless office and not the last, keep reading.
  • If you want your transition from paper to electronic documents to save you much more than just paper, keep reading.
  • If by eliminating paper, you would also like to introduce managed order, keep reading.

While it is often the focus of much effort and management attention, transitioning a paper-based enterprise to use a Document Management System (DMS) often does not yield the success that is at first imagined.

The following issues tend to take centre stage:

  • Electronic versions of documents are not consistently used,
  • Electronic documents still get lost or forgotten,
  • The previously paper-based processes do not accelerate significantly after digitalization,
  • Printing needs to be physically blocked to actually limit paper use.

Yet, the promised benefits of going paperless reach far beyond just not losing documents and discouraging printing and extend into integrated workflows that:

  • Standardize process steps,
  • Keep track of deadlines and SLAs,
  • Automate decisions,
  • Help spot bottlenecks,
  • Automatically interact with other systems by fetching or writing data to them,
  • Make finding documents and issues quicker.

The discrepancy between the promise of Electronic Document Management and reality is that getting the benefits of implementing a DMS has more to do with automating processes than with storing documents and scans in a structured repository.

SAFIRA PaperLesS Express is an application that allows you to move from paper-based to paper-less and managed business processes in one step.

SAFIRA PaperLesS Express for a customer’s organization is like a blood circulation system: documents are blood cells transported by business processes to the right users at the right time keeping control of the timing and quality. The immediate values are:

  • Visibility and strict control over the processes and all of its accompanying documents, including also managing and keeping KPIs and SLAs,
  • Controlled access to all the documents from either process instances or the document repository,
  • Effective implementation of standardized business procedures enterprise-wide which reduces both time to accomplish tasks and the need for re-work and as the final effect increases efficiency of available resources allowing for more workload without the immediate need to increase headcount,
  • Business agility: The application allows for optimization of business processes whenever the need appears.

PLS Express is designed around three principles that combine the best features of Document Management with the best features of Business Process Management platforms.

The principles are:

  • Start at the source. Breaking paper dependence is not just about blocking printers and forcing the use of scans. Many back office processes start in the mail room with a paper complaint, an invoice, a contract that needs to be signed. Therefore, paper and document dependence starts in the mail room. If you cannot break the paper trail at the source, in the mail room, then you have lost the war before you have even attempted your first battle.
  • Make printing useless. The reason that employees print electronic documents is because the documents are stored in a format that is easier to read on a piece of paper than on a computer screen (a PDF, a scan, a Word document). Document content must be optimized for the screen, so printing becomes less useful than moving a process forward using information on the computer screen. Your employees will not print, because it will be easier to use the provided screens to view information and to perform their job.
  • Focus on business processes and not on documents. Most documents that are generated in a company or received from outside tend to be interpreted as a separate case that must be processed; this is an oversimplification. An incoming document may relate to an on-going investigation, a customer file, an existing purchase order, or any other pre-existing “issue in progress”. The document provides information to a process issue, but it does not represent the process issue directly. Document Management Systems tend to regard the document as the central business entity. When you treat the document as information that can be used by many processes in different ways you can move away from managing documents to managing your business.

PLS Express, allows you to start with the essentials of moving from paper to workflow-based business process management without the need to invest in several expensive platforms like a Document Management System and a Business Process Management System.

To accomplish its goal PLS Express makes use of some of the most powerful Document Management and Process Management technologies on the market: Alfresco and IBM Business Process Manager. These two technologies are combined into one application that addresses the first problems that you will face when trying to move from document-based processes to workflows that make your business run more efficiently.

Furthermore, by using state of the art Business Process Management components PLS Express allows your company to effortlessly move to a fully featured Business Process Management Platform, when you are ready.

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