Gilson Veiga"SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work, because it offers opportunities to grow, provides stability, invests in employees and has an excellent working environment."

Gilson Veiga, Systems Administrator



Pedro Miranda"Everyone I know at SAFIRA has the power of moving things forward. Either through creativity or hard work, we aim for the impossible and make it happen."

Pedro Miranda, Software Developer


João Sequeira"SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work because of its perfect work environment. I have the pleasure of working with awesome people that are always willing to help."

João Sequeira, Software Developer


Susana Lino"SAFIRA is a company where you feel like home, where you are given the freedom that you need to grow. You have excellent professionals to teach you, staff that always receives you with a smile, administrators with the door open and colleagues that transform your workday in a fun activity."

Susana Lino, Consultant


Marcelo Fernandes"SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work, because ...
... you are a part of its course, its success or difficulties, you have a key role in how the next day will come!
... you have space to learn and grow, and you will be pushed to improve and excel...
... the company shares with you its challenges and rewards you for what you helped achieve.
For me personally (and for many that I've seen over the years) it really has allowed me to grow and take on new roles and responsibilities, to face new challenges and be better on the process."

Marcelo Fernandes, Manager


Gonçalo Sousa Machado"When I think about these questions: What is SAFIRA's uniqueness? What makes SAFIRA special?  For me, it’s easy and the answer lies on the outstanding quality of our talent - clearly one of our strengths.
If you want to evolve, you have to learn from the best, and fortunately SAFIRA gives you that chance!"

Gonçalo Sousa Machado, Software Engineer


Rafaela Lopes"SAFIRA has great human resources. I’ve an awesome team, awesome team leaders, who pull you up and make you feel that your work is important for the whole company. Here you can grow, challenge yourself and contribute making the difference, feeling proud when you achieve hard targets."

Rafaela Lopes, Project Assistant


Jorge Coutinho"SAFIRA has all the things that a company should have! It's a great company to work due to its team, spirit, challenges, goals, people..."

Jorge Coutinho, Senior Software Engineer


João Marques"SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work, because of its great environment and team spirit. It's a company where everyone is always available to help. The opportunity of working in varied projects in very different context and as a part of different teams is also a factor that helps in the personal development of each employee. SAFIRA is an environmental and social active company, which is a plus. Besides, internal events are great!"

João Marques, Software Developer


Andreia Dias"SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work, because you feel personally part of it and is also a place where you can grow and contribute."

Andreia Dias, Senior Software Engineer


João Sampaio"SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work because of the leadership in its fields of expertise, because of the good working environment and willingness to keep on growing and innovating, which promotes its employees professional development."

João Sampaio, Software Engineer


Pedro Belo"SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work, because of its work environment, that was a huge surprise."

Pedro Belo, System Administrator


Filipe Patrício"SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work, because you feel part of it. I wouldn't change a thing!"

Filipe Patrício, Senior Software Engineer


João Cordeiro"BPM is my favorite professional area and SAFIRA is one of the best companies in Europe for BPM. The right ingredients were together, but truly, were the persons that contacted with me that made me choose SAFIRA."

João Cordeiro, Software Engineer


Bruno Loureiro"SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work because it is composed of very competent people in a good and relaxed work environment."

Bruno Loureiro, Software Developer


Nelson Santos"SAFIRA is a best place to work for several reasons! Everyone has a word and all doors are open to hear it! Also because all the great professionals that work here. The great team spirit is another reason! Ready for another? SAFIRA worries about getting the best conditions to employees every year and also its social responsibility with several actions (Acreditar, Kiva, BVS, Banco Alimentar, etc)! Finally the top administration that leads SAFIRA to its success for more than 15 years!"

Nelson Santos, Senior Software Engineer


Benjamim Pitacho"SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work, because it has a wonderful working environment, it cares about each employee (looking to each one as a person and not only as a working force or employee) and it has the better persons to work with!"

Benjamim Pitacho, Software Engineer


Filipe Pereira“SAFIRA is a company filled with ingenious people from whom you can always learn, people that keep striving to be the best at what they do. And the cherry on top of this cake are the challenges placed ahead of each element to be in agreement with the career path you choose.”

Filipe Pereira, Software Engineer


Wioleta“SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work, because gives me a lot of freedom and possibility to develop myself. It is not a large corporation in which an employee has no influence on anything.”

Wioleta Piechota, Senior Consultant



 Margarida Fernandes“SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work, because we think so and that's half way done. Of course the other half comes with the mutual support and share of knowledge between co-workers, the need to do things the right way and the organization of the company - not only in projects but in all aspects from the small things to the big events.”

Margarida Fernandes, Software Developer


“We are a young company full of creative minds that challenge you and support your growth as a professional. This aspect creates a great environment on which learning is possible and encouraged. Another reason is because of the Team Buildings and Christmas dinners where having fun is a requirement :)”

Rodrigo Horta, Software Developer


 “SAFIRA is a great company, organized, professioal and with a really good environment.”

Fábio Correia, Software Developer


“SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work because of its team spirit!”

António Costa, Software Developer


“SAFIRA is a company with a great reputation in the market willing to give an opportunity to those who want to grow.”

Paulo Gonçalves, Systems Operator


“SAFIRA gives great career opportunities. It is one of the leaders in BPM solutions. Best-employer awarded.”

Robert Puszczewicz, Software Developer


“SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work, because of all the great professionals that work here. It’s very rewarding to be in a team with creative people that share ideas, push each other further and help each other out.”


André Martins, Software Engineer


“SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work because I think all people are committed with SAFIRA’s goals. SAFIRA has an extraordinary technical team that combined with an excellent managing team can reach the best results in a minimal timeframe. In my opinion, this is the SAFIRA’s mindset: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veLAoDpPbDg.”

Pedro Miguel Cruz, Senior Software Engineer


“SAFIRA is a great company to work and where you will certainly develop new skills.”

Marco Daniel, Software Engineer


“SAFIRA gave me the chance to take part in an international project and meet and talk with a lot of people from other countries.”

Nuno Reis, Software Developer


“SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work because there is a good working environment and it offers good working conditions.”

Emiliana Lavos, Personal Assistant


“SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work because you have a development plan, you can develop your career, you have 2 certifications/year and free time to study, which other companies don’t offer...”

Anamaria Parvû, Software Developer


“SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work because it’s small enough to get the correct recognition of your work… And it’s big enough to challenge you every day with new exciting projects, brand new technologies, top brands clients in Portugal and growing international projects.”

Daniel Ribeiro, Senior Software Engineer


“For me, SAFIRA is the best company to work because it has the best professionals from the bottom of the pyramid to the top. This means: you'll learn to address your work to the best and not the average, you'll be more exigent, you'll learn and you'll teach.”

Jorge Matos, Software Developer


“SAFIRA gives me the opportunity to develop myself in my work and to meet VIP's - Very Interesting People :)”

Hugo Almeida, Software Developer


“We have good support and help from colleagues, when needed, and good working environment.”

Luís Sousa Correia, System Operator


“SAFIRA is a good company to learn and improve knowledge. There is a good working environment and the accessibility to talk with the management team is very good.”

Rui Pinheiro, System Operator


“In SAFIRA you have space to grow, in an environment where quality is a constant demand. You work with highly qualified professionals with a strong sense of how a team should work.”

Tiago Peralta, Software Developer


“I joined SAFIRA in 2008. After just one year, I felt refreshed and that what I do has meaning. And there is recognition for it. So, regardless your career status, here you’ll feel you’re evolving… and you’ll have the corresponding recognition.”

Manuel Martins, Associate Manager


“Everyone is near everybody. It’s like a family, where everybody is nice, prepared to help you. Here I feel equity, open mind, proximity, sense of justice and excellent environment to work.”

Liberto Rodrigues, Senior Software Engineer


“SAFIRA is a great place to work, because has mature processes allied with one of the best technical teams in the market.”

Tiago Fonseca, Manager


“SAFIRA is a great company with a good environment, good opportunities and challenging projects that cares about employees’ evolution and satisfaction.”

Alexandre Ferreira, Software Engineer


“SAFIRA is a very good school for everyone, and you can learn a lot if you want to.”

Pedro Ramos, Software Engineer


“I have grown a lot in this company. Definitely a great IT school to work at.”

Rui Mendes, Software Engineer


“SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work because treats their consultants as fully privileged employees.”

Slawomir Brys, Senior Software Engineer


“SAFIRA is one of the best places to work because it gives us the chance to grow as IT professionals.”

Alexandre Costa, Software Developer


“SAFIRA has a good working environment and up to now has recognized my working efforts.”

Dália Pedro, Software Engineer


“I’ve not been at SAFIRA for long, but I’ve already learnt a lot, both about technologies and how to confront a work related problem.”

Xavier Araújo, Software Developer


“SAFIRA is the best company I’ve ever worked in. It’s a great place to learn and grow. If you have the opportunity just come and see for yourself.”

Gilberto Ribeiro, Systems Engineer


“My time at SAFIRA has been great, I have grown (both professional and personally) a lot here and the best thing is that I think that I haven’t finished growing yet.”

Jorge Tendeiro, Software Engineer


“SAFIRA is a great place to work, with great colleagues and where opportunities can be a reality.”

João Benedito, Software Developer


“If you want to join a company of excellence, with a good market position and a commitment to be successful join SAFIRA!”

Ednilson Lopes, Software Developer


“We seek perfection and quality in everything we do. Deliverables quality is one of the SAFIRA flags. The others know it and that makes me proud.”

Gonçalo Marques, Software Engineer


“Managers and Seniors are accessible and informal with their workers; SAFIRA invests in employees, promotes various internal events and is socially aware.”

João Lopes, Software Developer


“If you're looking for a company with a career plan, totally clear and organized, which allows you to know what your next step in the company is and what you must do to achieve it and gives you feedback throughout your evaluation process, SAFIRA is the place that you are looking for!”

Ana Fava, IT Recruiter


“I’m new here and I know that in the beginning everything smells like roses… but I have a feeling that I will enjoy working here for a long time. I would say that SAFIRA is a Portuguese company (really) using the best international management practices.”

Gonçalo Rijo, Associate Manager


“SAFIRA has great people, very good work conditions and is steadily growing.”

Tânia Sousa, Project Assistant


“SAFIRA is the best school in the IT market!”

Sónia Correia, Human Resources Manager


“There are nice people working here and lots of potential! It's great to be part of a company that is growing on the Polish market.”


Agnieszka Telega, Office Manager, Poland


“SAFIRA gives me the chance and resources to learn and evolve, the people that work here are comprehensive, proficient and qualified.”


Paulo Santos, Systems Operator


“SAFIRA offers overall good work conditions, especially in terms of salary and benefits.”

Filipa Machado, Web Designer


“I’m really glad I took this job! SAFIRA has many interesting projects and fortunately I’m on one!”

Sérgio Caliça, System Engineer


“SAFIRA pays well and is growing as a whole every year. The people that I work with everyday are also great.”

Nuno Freire, Software Developer


“SAFIRA is a company where you work like a unit and not alone.”

Patrícia Sobreira, Software Developer


“Why SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work? In all possible meanings of the next phrase: I literally wouldn't work anywhere else!”

Luís Filipe Toscano, Software Developer


“SAFIRA offers great opportunities for self-improvement and to work with the highest level specialists, on large and interesting projects in the newest technologies.”

Łukasz Jankowski, Software Developer


“SAFIRA is a growing company that praises its employees and in which a good environment is constant.”

Bruno Monteiro, Software Developer


“Here you can grow, learn, make friends and it’s up to you how far you will go.”

Pedro Jacinto, Software Developer


“SAFIRA provides all employees with career development opportunities and also gives us the chance to grow personally. All of us, without exception, have the possibility to leverage our skills, knowledge and experience relying mostly on our strong commitment and dedication. The result is a motivated and eager team, a positive workforce in a positive workplace. At SAFIRA everyone is and feels valued for contributing to the overall success of the company and there is a culture of communication which promotes healthy and productive relationships among us.”



Rui Pacheco, Manager


“SAFIRA is a professional services company that has a 2-digit growth since 2005. In the professional services arena this means a world of opportunities for everyone with drive. Aside from the natural opportunities of a fast growing company, SAFIRA has excellent conditions for IT professionals to develop themselves: clear and defined career steps and paths, a professional performance evaluation methodology, including transparent performance KPI measurement and rewarding, strong teamwork culture and practice, a world-class project management methodology, we have a systematic engineering approach to problems and we have a professional practice build on top of the best software development methodologies. SAFIRA is a house where professionals increase their market value every day they work with us.”

Pedro Penedo, Partner


“SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work because of the professionalism of its employees and directors. It’s also a top company, which offers many opportunities and advantages to those who have the pleasure to work there.”

Diogo Gago, System Operator


“In technical terms, SAFIRA is the best place to improve knowledge, work methods and professional structure to face the ever-changing world of ITs.”


Liliana Correia, Financial Assistant


“SAFIRA's plan for the Polish branch is very exciting, and I wanted to be a part of it. And there's also the technological aspect. I knew SAFIRA's reputation for being demanding and for producing quality software and I decided to look into it myself. I really think SAFIRA is a great place to work because you get to work with people that have a sense of humour, that help you in times of stress. The teamwork of this team is definitely its most valuable point.”

Duarte Peralta, Software Engineer, Poland Office


“SAFIRA is THE BEST company to work for, because it has just the right blend of methodical approach to project sales and delivery with dynamic size and room to grow. The corporate culture is informal and there is a very high degree of cooperation. This makes SAFIRA an excellent place not only to work, but to grow.”


Jan Grabski, Manager, Poland Office


“SAFIRA is a company with great potential in the IT market. It’s involved in areas of great value to the society (Banking, Insurance, etc) and offers employees high opportunities to learn and develop their competences. I joined the company directly from college and now I feel that I’ve matured both in technological and personal levels.”

João Frade, Software Developer


“SAFIRA thinks big. It realizes that it is not just about signing a contract and billing a project. It cares about the level of customer satisfaction. It respects its employees. It cares about the quality of their life. It knows how to motivate its employees. It has objective evaluation systems, development programs. In few words, it is professional and open-minded, developed in many directions, realizing that success is built in many ways and is influenced by many things.”

Maria Diana Anton, Software Developer


“SAFIRA offers the opportunity to work in projects that help us to improve as professionals. The experience has been very positive.”

Cláudia Proença, Systems Operator


“SAFIRA has given me the opportunity to grow and learn a lot, clearly a great school for me.”

Hugo Cristina, Project Officer


“SAFIRA has a soft and accessible management structure. It always responds to my needs as an employee. It’s demanding but balanced and it provids all conditions for my professional growth. It systematically pursuits to improve processes and revenue, while caring about employees.”


Ricardo Estêvão, Senior Software Engineer


“Since I joined SAFIRA, I quickly noticed that I landed in a place where the capabilities of each employee are powered and tied in a well-built team in such a way that produces top quality work and high customer recognition. That has been leading to high rates of customer satisfaction every year, making us proud and feeling that our work is valuated and respected. It is an honour to work with those people!”

Rui Pinheiro, Senior Software Engineer


“In 2002, I needed a new challenge and SAFIRA had the excel requirement that I wanted at that time. I still feel that it’s hard to find a company that asks for this high excel and rewards it.”

Eduardo Pimentel, Software Specialist


“SAFIRA is one of the best companies to work mainly because it has a great team, with talent, group spirit and common goals.”

Pedro Vieira, Senior Software Engineer


“SAFIRA represents the best there is in IT development: An entrepreneurial spirit together with a strong technical ability to create high quality and high performance solutions, and keeping customers happy. I’m proud to be at SAFIRA because I share these ideals, and because I feel that my contribution really makes a difference in making those ideals a reality.”

Paulo Dias, Senior Software Engineer


“If I had to name just one uniqueness of SAFIRA that I appreciate more, I would say that is its capacity for decision-making. Unlike other companies, at SAFIRA when something is wrong or less well it is resolved. The options are analyzed and the decisions are taken. It is a place where things happen at the right time.”

Luís Correia, Manager


“For the second year in a row SAFIRA was considered one of the best places to work in Portugal. That says everything! The company really supports its employees, ensuring excellent working conditions and offering continuous training.”

Apolinário Miranda, System Operator


“Coming to SAFIRA was one of the best choices in my life. Friendly people, skilled professionals, interesting projects, demanding customers, stimulating challenges are a small part of all it involves. I'm proud to work here every day!”

Cláudia Frutuoso, Software Engineer



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