Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides a set of principles on ethics and social responsibility that must be recognized and embraced by all our employees. That's life@SAFIRA.

We want to build a stronger organization that protects its assets, invests in the future, takes a place in the community, cares for the environment and uses resources as our own. For that, we count on you!

SAFIRA advocates the following values in the relationship with all its stakeholders:

  • Ethics, our conduct is responsible and in accordance with the most integral, honest and moral principles
  • Rigor, we always fulfill what we promise with total commitment
  • Method, we use the best methodological practices to ensure deliveries on-time, on-budget and as promised
  • Recognition, we value our employees performance and recognize their efforts and dedication
  • Quality, we invest in providing excellent services to ensure total customer satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation
  • Expertise, we promote the transfer of know-how, self-study, training and certification of our employees so they can perform their tasks as best as possible
  • Innovation, we want to be one step ahead in the market with a suite of offerings that anticipate and fully address the customers’ needs and their most complex challenges
  • Ambition, we intend to continue to grow in the domestic and mainly in the international market, and enhance the development of our employees and customers, in a perspective of continuous improvement
  • Trust, we encourage the creation of win-win relationships with our customers, partners, suppliers and employees

SAFIRA stands in the market with policies and procedures consistent with these values, which determine its strategic orientation and its behavior in the world of business:

Social Responsibility

SAFIRA actively promotes social responsibility initiatives (local, national and international) and supports the community engagement of all employees. In their day-to-day activity, employees must always respect the values and dignity of the human person and the preservation of assets, environment and sustainability. Examples of initiatives undertaken in this area: Social Responsibility.

Experience Sharing

The strength of SAFIRA is built with the skills and experience of the whole team. While safeguarding proprietary data and confidential information, we share this expertise with employees to maximize their value and the company’s performance as a whole.

Assets Protection

All SAFIRA’s employees are responsible for the good use of the company’s assets in general (premises, furniture, etc.) and those delivered to them in particular (phone, laptop, etc.) as well as the assets of customers. In this area, it is also important to take into account the computer security, so everyone should always have the antivirus installed and updated and should never use software with no valid or active license. Also, any update to the operating system is a responsibility of each user and should always be performed in accordance with the directions of the company.

Protection of Confidential and Proprietary Information

All information generated internally is owned by SAFIRA or its customers. Much of it is also confidential and may be subject to copyright, patents or NDAs (Non- -Disclosure Agreements). If you are contacted by someone interested in getting information about SAFIRA, don’t share unless you have permission to do so. Employees and former employees should never use SAFIRA’s confidential information for personal benefit and must maintain full confidentiality - obligations with SAFIRA continue even after leaving the company. No employee may also access and share information from customers, partners or suppliers without prior express authorization.

Use of Electronic Communication

The use of internet and email in illegal activities or commercial schemes unrelated to SAFIRA is strictly forbidden. Moreover, any communication should always be appropriate and clearly written.

Promotion of a Fair and Positive Environment

The relationship between SAFIRA’s employees and partners, customers and suppliers must be based on trust, mutual respect and support. We promote an environment free of discrimination on grounds of race, ethnicity, religion, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or physical limitation.

Conflict between Professional and Private Life

The family and personal relationships in the workplace can disrupt the required environment of professionalism. Employees must take the initiative to consult their Manager if they identify any worrying factor. As an example, an Evaluator can’t directly evaluate a family member or someone with whom he/she has some kind of personal relationship. They should also consult the Manager prior to participating in activities outside the company that may negatively affect the way they work. SAFIRA’s employees can’t use to their advantage any business opportunity discovered or created by access to information, relationships or position in SAFIRA. An employee with a financial interest or other (directly or through a family member) in a customer, partner or supplier who does business with SAFIRA should reveal this interest to their Manager.

Respect for the Obligations of Previous Jobs

We understand the obligations that new employees may have to their former employer, particularly in terms of confidential and proprietary information, and referral of clients or colleagues. We proceed with our employees like we expect others do with our former employees. We also privilege the relationship with customers, partners and suppliers, consulting with them before hiring someone from their team.

Promoting Commitment

We foster relationships that endure and evolve because they are based on mutual trust, so we can’t promise what we can’t meet. We also honor the commitments with our suppliers, always paying within the agreed terms.

No Tolerance to Harassment, Threats or Intimidation

SAFIRA doesn’t tolerate or allow any harassment or behavior, comment or abusive physical contact or any other inappropriate conduct among employees, customers, partners or suppliers. Those who engage in these attitudes, within or outside the workplace, are subject to disciplinary sanctions. Risk conditions and accidents should be immediately reported to the Manager. At SAFIRA’s premises, employees and their guests must follow safety and emergency procedures. At customers’ premises, employees should become familiar with safety and emergency procedures and follow them.

Refusal to Bribes or Questionable Payments

SAFIRA doesn’t pay bribes or make improper payments to obtain new business, retain existing business or get any improper advantage.

Refusal to Offering and Receiving Inappropriate Gifts

SAFIRA’s employees may offer or receive gifts to solidify relationships, including objects of symbolic value, meals and invitations to events. Some customers may have rules that require they report and / or refuse the gifts, so we count on your common sense to meet the customers’ Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. Employees may not offer or receive anything of value, directly or indirectly, if it causes a conflict between personal interests and professional obligations or create the appearance of such conflict.

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