Enterprise Search

Google Search Appliance (GSA) is a tool that allows that company’s internal knowledge be accessible as the web with Google. Besides that, any company that implements GSA can track the tendencies of their internal users. SAFIRA has the know-how to complement GSA with services that better leverage the integration within the companies. The benefits are many, including: access to information in real time, in less than a second, and no costs with training since the usage experience is the same as Google.com.




With Google Search Appliance, your company’s internal search engine can be just as good as Google’s – and just as easy to use. Google Search Appliance provides secure search across all your enterprise content – document management systems, intranets, portals, databases, legacy applications, etc. And with Google OneBox for Enterprise, Google Search Appliance can deliver real-time business information atop search results from enterprise applications such as Cisco, Cognos, Employease, Oracle, Salesforce.com, SAS, and many more. Google takes the burden of organizing information off the administrator and provides an easy, secure solution that gets great results every time.




By the end of April 2006, SAFIRA signed a partner agreement with Google to deliver their enterprise solutions in Portugal. This partnership certifies SAFIRA to deliver Google.com search technologies applied to enterprise knowledge spread in intranets, extranets, internal databases and even PC’s local content. Through the Google Search Appliance product, corporations can access the speed and accuracy of search results inside their organizations, just as they do it now on the Internet, only for 0,06 € per document.


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