Social Responsibility

SAFIRA acknowledges its important role in society as a supplier in the Information Technology market. In addition to sustainable development and contribution to the competitiveness of Portuguese economy, SAFIRA assumes its social responsibility regarding the environment and its surrounding community. Its social responsibility strategy is materialized under 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This awareness comes not only from SAFIRA but from all employees.

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Several initiatives are promoted, with an essential focus on the environment and people:
  • Energy - to minimize energy consumption and pollutants emission, while guaranteeing the maximum comfort to all employees, SAFIRA promotes the maximum use of natural light, the use of green lights and the rational use of air conditioning (which is possible due to the building conditions in terms of temperature isolation). Further, our low-energy consumption monitors are programmed to enter in stand-by mode when appropriated and, at the end of each day, all electrical equipment is turned off.
  •  Water - as a scarce asset, SAFIRA encourages an efficient use of water in the office, particularly by regulating cisterns and taps. To avoid water waste, all water consumed in SAFIRA comes from water carboys and not from individual bottles.
  • Paper - Each ton of recycled paper prevents the cut of 15 to 20 trees and saves 400m3 of water and 500Kwh of electricity. SAFIRA promotes the efficient use of paper through the reuse of printouts for notes, double-face printing and printing of two pages on one single page. Whenever possible, SAFIRA prefers to use online and computer means, instead of using paper.
  • Hardware and Consumables - SAFIRA usually leases all its hardware, including servers, PCs, laptops, mobile phones and printers to suppliers that ensure their reusing and collect consumables for recycling: toners, cartridges and batteries (SAFIRA has a collection center for consumables used by employees either at home or at SAFIRA’s offices). For the hardware that SAFIRA buys, there is a process of reuse after it is no more needed. During the last years, SAFIRA has donated several equipments to support NGOS, such as Oikos, ADPM, Saúde em Português and AJUDE.
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment - SAFIRA promotes the reuse and recycle of the non-usable electronic and electronical equipments. One of the initiatives is the internal collection and delivery in Amb3E's Electrão located in Carnaxide (check photos) - the right place to do it and a must for all that care about the environment. Amb3E- Portuguese Association for the Management of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment - is a non-profit association that manages WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) created at the end of the EEE life, and encourage its reuse, recycling and other ways of treating it, contributing for its reduction and so that its deposition is done properly, contributing for an improvement in the environmental performance of all economic agents involved in the life cycle of EEE.
  • Support to Local Community - SAFIRA and its employees are associated to APSD (Associação Portuguesa de Solidariedade e Desenvolvimento - check photos) and APOIO (Associação de Solidariedade Social - check photos) in initiatives of clothes and shoes collection to help needed people to whom they provide a continuous support in the area of Carnaxide.
  • Support to National Community - SAFIRA and its employees are united in supporting noble national causes, such as blood collection for bone marrow transfusions (more information at SAFIRA also offers a voucher to Portuguese employees (on their birthday) and customers (as a reward for the time spent to fulfill the service evaluation inquiry) to be invested in one of the organizations listed at BVS (Bolsa de Valores Sociais) website. BVS replicates the atmosphere of a stock exchange and its role is to streamline the relationship between Civil Society Organizations - carefully selected, with relevant work and proven results in the field of education and entrepreneurship - and social investors (donors) willing to support these organizations by purchasing their social stocks. The outcome is continuously monitored by BVS and communicated to SAFIRA. Additionally, SAFIRA supports some institutions with the delivery of materials & goods, such as ACREDITAR (check photos), Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome (check photos) and União Zoófila (check photos). Every Christmas SAFIRA selects one NGO to support through the acquisition of Christmas Cards and Gifts, some examples include TESE, AIDGLOBAL and UNICEF.
  • Support to International Community - SAFIRA offers a voucher to its international employees on the day of their birthday to apply in Kiva, thus allowing people without resources living in sub-developed countries to become independent and create their own business. Entrepreneurship, shared value creation and pro-active actions for a more fair and equal society are the motto for this initiative. More information at
  • Economical Ecosystem - SAFIRA complies with all obligations, on-time and on-budget, with customers, suppliers, banks and government. There is a continuous concern to fulfill the expectations of these critical players in SAFIRA’s activity.
  • Internal Ecosystem - besides generating employment, team satisfaction is one of SAFIRA’s top priorities, as well as to promote the best balance possible between employees' professional and personal life. That’s why it’s an honor to SAFIRA to be considered as a Best Place to Work, according to the independent study developed by Exame.
  • Human Rights - SAFIRA is committed to ensure that fulfills its obligations to operate fairly, justly and in accordance with the Human Rights Act. In particular, no employee or potential employee shall be discriminated against on grounds of gender, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth, sexual orientation, disability or other status.
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